Electric motorcycles are still lacking behind it’s electric car counterpart. Yet we are seeing a lot of new vehicles coming out in 2019 which gives hope for a big jump for electric motorcycles in the near future.
Besides the range of the electric motorbikes, we see astonishing design efforts making the future of electric motorcycles even more exciting.
One we like more than others is the design by bryan fuller, which is influenced by the 1929 french majestic 1929. The new technologies available for designers make it viable to come up with designs which were not even possible a while back, even if as fuller states “at its core, the art of motorcycle building is still very similar to its origins”.
Almost 100 years after the majestic 1929, we have the 2029 grandson with the same look, only better and faster and even more environmental friendly version of its grandparent. The electric bike has a completely enclosed body made of alluminium and the steering is hub centric as it was with its predecessor .
The bike was commissioned by the Haas moto museum and the idea was to make it as much of an artwork as it is a motorbike. Fuller made use of 3d printing technology, to craft its motorbike/ artwork of the future. The 3d printers available now, make things which were difficult or even impossible ….well possible And the 2029 shows of the possibilities for other designers who may want to make different designs which we havn’t see yet. Using cad, 3d print machines nad new materials can be unleashed to make vehicles we only see on movies untill now.
You can look at the video explaining the making of this motorcycle posted by mr fuller himself and you might wanna sucscribe to his channel for future updates and new designs from this company, from which we expect a lot more in the coming years.